The City of San Francisco provides a number of ways for a citizen, a San Francisco police officer or Police Department employee to report alleged biased or intolerant activity.

Community Members

Community members can file complaints with the Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC), the body charged with impartially investigating complaints against SFPD officers and making policy recommendations regarding police practices. The Police Commission investigates complaints forwarded from the OCC.

Community members may also contact a Department Supervisor at any SFPD Police Station to file a complaint regardless of where in the city the incident occurred.

In addition, the Office of the Controller administers a whistleblower program that investigates allegations against city government employees.

Police Officers and Department Employees

Internally, complaints are forwarded through the chain of command, to the department’s Internal Affairs Unit for investigation. If an allegation is found to have merit, the Police Chief and/or the Police Commission will hold a hearing or hearings in which the officer involved will have to answer for his or her conduct.

Officers can also report biased behavior by a fellow officer through the Equal Employment Opportunity Division of the City’s Department of Human Resources.