Community Advisory Boards

Collaboration is the key to creating a safer city while addressing the specific needs of San Francisco’s diverse communities. The SFPD understands the importance of listening to the people of San Francisco and seeking to gain their input on community policing policies that affect their daily lives.

Each station captain operates a Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) consisting of civilian volunteers from surrounding residential and business communities. The CPABs meet with the captain at least once a month to discuss issues directly impacting their community. With the assistance of the district station and San Francisco Safety Awareness for Everyone (SF SAFE), the CPAB plays a vital role in each station captain’s communication and problem-solving efforts. Please follow this link to the district station nearest you to learn more about CPABs.

Please email us here for more information about the Chief’s African-American Advisory Forum.

For information about Chief’s LGBT Community Advisory Forum, please visit

For information about the San Francisco Interfaith Council, please visit
San Francisco Interfaith Council