Chief’s Message

chief-surIn San Francisco, diversity, equality and tolerance aren’t slogans- these values are a core part of our City’s identity. As Chief of the Police Department, I am proud to serve a city that welcomes, celebrates and defends people of different backgrounds and cultures.

San Francisco values are needed now more than ever. Across the country and even in the Bay Area, we are seeing disturbing reports of hate crimes and biased behavior. The public and law enforcement must stand together against such incidents.

Under the leadership of my predecessor, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, the SFPD launched the Not On My Watch campaign, aimed at rooting out potential bigotry, implicit and explicit bias and intolerance within the department. This first-of-its-kind pledge focuses on accountability by reaffirming the responsibility of our members- both sworn and civilian- to potentially bigoted or biased behavior.

Bigotry and intolerance are not acceptable in our City; nor are they acceptable forms of behavior by police officers. The Not On My Watch pledge is our declaration that we will work proactively to reduce bias among officers and continue to provide quality service to all San Franciscans.

We value the support of the community we serve, and we remain committed to fostering trust, communication and cooperation.

William Scott
Chief of Police