• I pledge to serve the people of San Francisco faithfully and honestly without prejudice.
  • I will not tolerate hate or bigotry in our community or from my fellow officers.
  • I will confront intolerance and report any such conduct without question or pause.
  • I will maintain the integrity of the San Francisco Police Department and safeguard the trust of the people of San Francisco.
  • I will treat members of the community as I would hope to be treated myself.
  • I will pursue justice with compassion and respect the dignity of others.
  • For those who would suggest there is any place for the stain of intolerance
  • I pledge, Not On My Watch.
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SFPD confronts prejudice with “Not On My Watch” campaign

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr launched a campaign aimed at rooting out potential bigotry and intolerance among San Francisco police officers by promoting diversity in recruitment, bias training, community involvement and a first-of-its-kind pledge that department officers have been making.

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Message from Chief William Scott

In San Francisco, diversity, equality and tolerance aren’t slogans- these values are a core part of our City’s identity. As Chief of the Police Department, I am proud to serve a city that welcomes, celebrates and defends people of different backgrounds and cultures.

San Francisco values are needed now more than ever. Across the country and even in the Bay Area, we are seeing disturbing reports of hate crimes and biased behavior. The public and law enforcement must stand together against such incidents.

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